Octet recording.

News 10 May 2023

I took 17 years to write an octet for strings. I’m finally ready to have it recorded. Help me produce a professional recording of this wonderful piece.


Announcing fundraiser for an album

News 3 August 2022

Next year, 2023, will mark the 200th anniversary of the invention of the arpeggione. I am trying to arrange for the production of a recording of a sonata and a concerto I have written to mark the occasion. Details can be found here:


In the Beginning

News 19 July 2013

I have just published a piece that I wrote in 2003: B'reshit , "In the Beginning". This is the first setting of the complete first chapter of Genesis in its original Hebrew (of which I am aware). All are invited to check out that piece and others published by Dov Rosenschein at MusicaNeo