Dov Rosenschein
I am a composer, arranger and performer living currently in Highland Park, New Jersey. Among my works are pieces in all genres: symphonies, concerti, chamber music for several combinations, and of course vocal music, which comprises the majority of music I've written over the last few years. The one piece I am most pleased with, however, is an opera which I've completed only some time ago and have yet to have published or performed. Here you will find some pieces of mine which were written over the last ten years, all of which I would like to have performed and recorded. Enjoy.

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Revitalizing a Once Obsolete Instrument

Статья 29.10.2013

After writing many chamber works and vocal numbers involving the arpeggione, finally I can say I have written the first full-scale concerto for the instrument since the forgotten pieces of the 1820s. It has, for some years now, been my hope that I ...

Reviving an Old Instrument

Статья 31.07.2013

Recently there have been an increasing number of attempts to revive and repopularize the arpeggione, an obscure instrument invented by Johann Staufer in the 1820s. In Staufer's lifetime only three pieces are known to have been composed for the ...

New Options for Teaching Counterpoint

Статья 26.07.2013

When I was studying in New York for my Bachelor's degree in composition, I often felt a little uneasy about how music theory and counterpoint were taught. I was certainly not the only Jewish student - in fact Christians might have been in the minority ...