Reviving an Old Instrument

Article 31.07.2013 20:56

A variety of music for the arpeggione.

Recently there have been an increasing number of attempts to revive and repopularize the arpeggione, an obscure instrument invented by Johann Staufer in the 1820s. In Staufer's lifetime only three pieces are known to have been composed for the instrument, and the one that gained fame - Schubert's sonata in A minor - was only played on other instruments after the composer's death. But today, nearly 200 years later, Staufer's instrument is gaining new popularity at the hands of a number of string players.

Since I was just a teenager it has been my dream to write for the arpeggione. And in the last few years I have made that dream a reality. I am the composer who wrote the most varied works for the arpeggione. And now, these works are available on MusicaNeo: A suite for solo arpeggione, Three Romances for arpeggione and piano, Songs of Death for arpeggione, basset horn and voice, Songs of Love for arpeggione and choir, and a number of others. There is also a movement of a concerto I am writing for the arpeggione, and a quartet - the first piece of music for two arpeggiones (and two basset horns). Each of these pieces is unique in giving the arpeggione a special voice of its own within the ensemble (even when the music has texts and calls for vocal prominance).

So I invite any and all who are interested in scores for this wonderful instrument, to seek them out at And anyone who is interested in playing these pieces should contact me further and I will be happy to supply parts. Enjoy the music.


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